Experts of fertilizers

We sell top quality fertilizers from reliable suppliers worldwide. For our customers we provide various logistics solutions, different packaging and financing.

Baltic Fert – Experts of fertilizers

Baltic Fert UAB is a privately owned trading company specialized in fertilizers, fertilizers raw materials and other minerals trade. The company has started its journey in 2014 in Riga, Latvia. Since then, it has expanded its activities to Baltic seaports of Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn  with shipments to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.


Reliable & top quality manufacturers and suppliers.

Logistic solutions & delivery

Most efficient logistics solutions. To make sure you have our fertilizers when you need it.

Trade services

Tailor made fertilizer, customized packaging, financing.

About us

Baltic Fert UAB is run by professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the trading business, combined with the knowledge in fertilizers, finance and logistics.

The years of experience and a wide variety of fertilizer products allow us to offer our clients competitive logistics solutions, service accustomed to the client’s experience and reliability. Our mission and values over the years haven’t changed – only strengthened. We respect our suppliers and clients by making our mission to fulfil their expectations by creating the best possible value. We always consider new businesses in growing the volume of existing products portfolio and building new connections, globally. 


Over the years, we’ve gathered an extensive list of product selection that we constantly develop. We trade in a large variety of fertilizers – nitrogen, phosphates, potash based, complex fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, bioorganic fertilizers, other industrial minerals. 

Our products are sourced only from reliable partners to make sure we get the best quality. 

In addition to the variety of fertilizer products, we also provide logistics services. Together with bulk cargo shipments we provide packing service in custom bags of various sizes with stuffing loose or palletized. The shipping is completed on the most favorable rates in the market. The transport modes include truckloads, containers and shiploads. 


Nitrogen Fertilizers:

Urea prilled

Urea granular

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

Ammonium Sulphate (standart)

Ammonium Sulphate (crystalline)

Ammonium Sulphate (compacted)

Phosphate Fertilizers:

Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)

Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)

Potash Fertilizers:

Sulphate of Potassium (SOP) (standart)

Sulphate of Potassium (SOP) (Granular)

Compound Fertilizers:

MOP based NPK fertilizers

MOP based NPK fertilizers

SOP based NPK fertilizers

SOP based NPK fertilizers

NPK blends 

Other Fertilizers:

Dolomite (flour, granular)

Limestone (flour, granular)

Organic fertilizers (chicken pellets)

Organic fertilizers (sheep wool pellets)

Other minerals: 

Granular Sulphur (Molten Sulphur)

Magnesium Oxide (CCM)


If you are interested in cooperation – get in touch with us with the contacts provided below. 


+370 (37) 308042
+370 698 713 36


Postal Address

I.Kanto str. 18, LT-44296, Kaunas, Lithuania